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PNKCA Executive Board / Representative Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2007

Richmond, BC


The list of attendees is attached to the end of this report.


The meeting was called to order at 12:35 pm by Chairman Linda Montgomery.


1. The Officers were introduced by Linda.


2. The minutes were M/S/P as corrected by the members present.


3. The Treasurer’s report had the payout of 2006 grants corrected. M/S/P


4. Club Representatives were reminded that any announcements will be made at the banquet.


5. Koi of the Year – discussion postponed due to time constraint for the rep meeting.


6. Linda expressed the Board’s thanks to Randy Dahlgren for organizing the convention. Randy summarized the effort: there was a team of 22 people who contributed, 75 banquet reservations, the breakeven point was 70 to 75 people attending, the speakers were pleased by the response, and the pond tour has 32 signed up for the early bus and 24 for the later bus.


7. Future PNKCA conventions-

2008 – No host has been identified yet, but Northern Idaho KK is investigating the possibility of hosting next year.

2009 – Washington Koi and Water Garden Society will host the 25th annual convention.


8. By-Laws Proposal published in the March rep minutes: a question as to the rationale for the change to the timing of the due date for written reports was raised. The explanation is that the December 31st deadline allows time for the alternate applicants to submit their report if the primary clubs do not make the deadline.  The proposal was subjected to a written vote and passed unanimously.


9. Old Business: Dan Olson’s proposal for a regional koi show/convention was explained by Greg Linnebach. While there is general interest in the group, no club was willing to commit to it at this time. Questions were raised about how the logistics would work, and how proceeds would be split.


10. New Business:

A. Website: Board approval of postings was reconfirmed. Webmaster Phyllis Anderson said that she has received no articles in the last year, and that there have been fewer hits. The site is getting stale, and suggestions for improvements are needed.  The posting process is not ‘nimble’ and it can take a long time to get board approvals.  A discussion of the approval process for posting articles followed:

A motion was made by Larry C:

            “A committee will be formed to establish the purpose and objectives of the website.”

            During the discussion an amendment was made: “a committee of no less than three people”


A motion was made by John E:

“The website review committee is requested to recommend policies and procedures for the website/webmaster by the March 2008 Rep meeting.”



A committee was formed with members Phyllis Anderson, John Seifert and John Ennals.


B. The next PNKCA Board was approved, to be comprised of:

Chair                Gene Anderson

Vice Chair        Elsie Browning

Secretary          Carmen Stafford

Treasurer          Lucy Macneil


The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 pm.




Club Affiliation

Elsie Browning

Oregon K&WS

Dave Lugar

Oregon K&WS

Carmen Stafford

Mid-Columbia K&PC

Chuck Harmon


Greg Linnebach


Michael DeGrandpre


Larry Christensen

NW K&GC; Past Chair

Jerry Hames

Olympic KG&WC

Linda Seifert


John Seifert


Jim Elliot

Canada Koi

Nancy Moore (for Lee Sundgren)


Clark Shea

Canada Koi

Sue Boydsten


Andrew Russell


Bob Johnson (for Don King)


Mary Johnson (for Joan King)


Phyllis Anderson


Gene Anderson

Vice Chair



Anne Potter

Secretary and WK&WGS

Linda Montgomery


Raeleen DeGrandpre


John Ennals

Dai Ichi/Namaimo/Canada Koi

Lindsay Gibson

Dai Ichi/Namaimo/Canada Koi

Randy Dahlgren

Canada Koi



Lucy Macneil

Guest (WK&WGS)


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Minutes of the Spring 2007 PNKCA Representatives meeting

PNKCA Executive Board Meeting

March 10, 2007

La Quinta Inn, Tacoma, WA


The list of attendees is attached to the end of this report.


The meeting was called to order at 12:40 pm by Chairman Linda Montgomery.


Club Reports

Canada Koi Club – Clark Shea reported that their club is again gaining new members. Plans are progressing nicely for the June convention in Richmond, BC.


Mid-Columbia – Carmen Safford reported that the big event last year was the Convention in the Tri-Cities. They will be participating in the local Garden Fair next weekend, and are planning a pond tour on September 9th.


Inland Empire – Robert Fischbach reported that their club brought in about $900 at the Garden Expo. Their pond tours have not been as well attended recently, which has meant little income compared to earlier years. They will have their Koi Show in August, and were asked by Peter Ponzio to host a national goldfish convention.  One big effort is their donation of time and expertise to maintain the Manitou Park pond, which included cleaning the pond for the first time in 30 years, and pulling the fish to look for diseases.


North Idaho Koi Keepers – Dan Olson spoke about their new club, which provides a club closer to home. They now have 13 members. The meetings are monthly interactive workshops led by various members. They hope to plan field trips to places of interest to koi people, such as Japan, other shows, and the East Coast.


Cascade Koi and Goldfish Club – Michael DeGrandpre reported that the club has 35 members; they meet on the second Saturday of every month. They will participate this year at the Yard and Garden Patio Show, and will have a banquet with an associated food drive.


NW Koi and Goldfish Club – Don King reported that their club meets monthly, with several additional activities:  the 27th annual koi show will be July 28-29 with Leo Marsh as chair, there will be a club auction in May as well their annual participation in “Children’s Day,” a fish lottery, and a pond tour in September.


Olympic Koi Club – Jerry Hames reported that the club now has 21 member families; Ed Fujimoto was able to attend once. Their ‘Koi Appreciation Day’ will now become ‘Pond Appreciation Day’ with talks about locating a pond, electrical considerations, etc. There will be a pond tour in August, and a work party system to help out other club members.


Dai Ichi- John Ennals reported that their club is gaining new members due to the web. People are finding them through links on other sites. They now have their own web site.

There is a lot of growth in ponds in the Victoria area. They are primarily a social club, but have talks on various topics like orchids, bonsai, and fossils.


Idaho – Bill White reported that the 110F day cut down on attendance for last year’s pond tour. The year began with a banquet in February.  The club will help Gary Moen of the horticulture department at BSU with dividing and potting lilies; some will be available at the plant sale in June. They are continuing to maintain the ponds at the Depot. Other events are: May 19th – Wet Lab with Spike Cover, June 9th – Sale at Zango’s Farm and Garden, July 21-22 – pond tour, Aug.11 – 14th annual koi show. One of the club’s biggest supporters, Kurt Metzger, recently died, and a commemorative plaque will be placed at the Depot.


Puget Sound – Joe Lewis reported that they are a small club that meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month for a social gathering. They will have a booth at the Puyallup Spring Fair in April, and the 10th annual Hoshi Koi Show will be August 4-5.


Oregon Koi- Elsie Browning reported that they have a widespread membership of new and active people. They meet every month for a speaker or a round table discussion. Their show will be the second weekend in June, with a special class for showa which have grown out from last year.  A pond tour is tentatively planned for July, but conflicts with another Douglas County event. They will set up a pond at Wildlife Safari to be a teaching tool for school science classes. There have been two KHV events in the club, emphasizing the necessity of quarantine.  At their Christmas banquet they buy two bikes and helmets for Toys for Tots.


Washington – Anne Potter reported that they have a busy year ahead, with a garden tour of the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island on May 12, a wet lab at Point Defiance Zoo on May 19th, a members only pond tour on July 21st and the koi show Sept. 8-9. The “Koi Kollege” will be repeated this year, as an activity during the judging.


Yakima – not present.



1.      Linda Montgomery introduced the Executive Board.

2.      Representatives Manual update –the current roster is provided in the meeting packet.

3.      Minutes of the 2006 Convention Rep Meeting: the minutes were M/S/P are corrected.

4.      Treasurer’s Report: The balance sheet as of February 2007 was included in the meeting packet.  Raeleen had payments of grants listed for 3 clubs, and 2 were still outstanding – for Idaho and Washington. It wasn’t clear if the NW K&G award was for 2005 or 2006. An additional question was asked regarding the approximate gain for a club hosting a convention – it is usually somewhere between $500 to $2000. M/S/P to accept the report as an unaudited statement.

5.      2006 Convention: Raeleen explained the final budget for the convention which was included in the packet, and answered questions from the group: two of the four speakers did not charge a fee, and the Mag Noy speaker charged $400. The costs could be higher or lower another year, depending on the selected speakers. Advertising includes the packets for vendors, donations, etc. Paid ads covered the cost of the booklet. The report was M/S/P.

6.      Club Representative Reports were given during lunch – see above.

7.      Bronze Koi Award: Larry C. reported that there have been no nominations received yet this year, and there is one carry-over nomination from last year. The nomination form is on the website. Reps were urged to have members send nominations directly to Larry, rather than submitting through the website, to maintain confidentiality of the nominations. He also explained the process for selecting the winner: nominations are submitted to the voting group without the nominator names attached. The voting panel is composed of 5 past winners of the award.

8.      ZNA: Larry C. spoke of the benefits of subscribing to the ZNA magazine. It is available through the NWK&G, and an application is included in the meeting packet.

9.      Ed Fujimoto awards: nominations are due to the website by March 31st.

10.  Koi of the Year photos are due by May 15th. An 8 x 10” print is preferred.

11.  Koi Promotional Grants for 2006 have all been paid to:

a.       Idaho Koi & Watergarden Society

b.      Inland Empire Koi & Water Garden Society

c.       Nanaimo Fish Pond and Watergarden Association

d.      Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

e.       Mid-Columbia Koi and Pond Club

f.        Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society

Alternates were Cascade Koi and Goldfish Club and Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

12.PNKCA Convention 2007: The convention will be hosted by the Canada Koi Club of B.C.  Clark Shea reported on the many details:

a. Passports are not needed if one is traveling by car, but you will need a birth certificate. All other modes of travel will require a passport. Train travel goes to downtown Vancouver, a 20 minutes cab ride to the hotel.

b. The tax rebate form is in the convention packet to have the GST returned, if purchases are over $200 CDN. (Post meeting note – this rebate has been repealed. GST refunds are no longer available.)

c. There are directions to the hotel on the website, but check with the hotel for a better route.

d. There will be pond tour on Sunday – details are still pending.

e. A pin trading table will be featured – including some South African pins.

f. The location of vendor tables is still being decided.

g. Speakers will cover a variety of topics – Steve Childers is an AKCA judge and Editor of Koi USA, Spike Cover is an expert on KHV, they will speak in the morning and chair an open-mike discussion in the afternoon, Bob Langford from the Victoria club will talk on building your own microscreen filter, Alison Bird from the UBC Research Institute will speak on seismic activity and earthquakes in the PNW.

h. A fine bekko has been donated to the convention for either a special raffle or an auction. The fish will stay in the US – if a Canadian wins it, it will be their responsibility to arrange for inspection and entry into Canada.

i. Reps were reminded that each club needs to bring two items for the raffle held at the banquet.

13. Super Raffle tickets are available at today’s meeting to bring them back to clubs – need not be present to win. This event is outside the convention budget, and solely to benefit the PNKCA. Again, the items will be difficult and problematic to bring into Canada, and return to the US, so Clark prefers that they remain in the US.

14. Future conventions: No clubs have volunteered for the next two years – Oregon is interested, but there is no place to hold it – possible sites have closed recently. There is a possibility of a future convention center being built, but it is too early to make plans. Linda suggested that the reps take this issue back to their clubs to assess interest in 2008, 2009, or beyond. One thought is that a club could hold the convention is conjunction with a koi show, which could mean that one organizing committee covers ‘two birds with one stone.’ Another idea was raised by Dan Olson that the PNKCA hold a regional koi show and convention. Concern was raised about the amount of effort needed to hold two events at once, and that having speakers and pond tours associated with a convention would take away part of the audience needed for the koi show portion, and from the auction that is often held on Sunday afternoons.  It was suggested that a committee be formed to investigate the pros and cons of the concept; Dan, Lindsay Gibson and Larry Christensen volunteered to be on the committee.


15. Old Business:

a. KHV donations: Gene Anderson has undertaken the considerable task of fundraising for the AKCA. The goal is to raise $500K. This is a worldwide program with two steering committees, one for hobbyists and vendors, and the other a scientific committee. The proposals submitted are proprietary, so discussing them is difficult, and it is often hard to determine what will be done and to what end. Gene gave one example of a successful effort – the University of NC received $3000 to set up a grant application to the Department of Agriculture and then the money was returned for re-use. Another plan is to initiate a “Better Health Practices” certification for dealers; this would be done in conjunction with veterinarians. A poll of 51 vendors and 31 vets all favored the concept. The AKCA would provide funds to train vets to train dealers on how to handle quarantine and showing fish safely, AKCA will not be directly involved with the training. Many vendors are in favor of this and are willing to pay for their own way. Another effort is to facilitate getting the Israeli vaccine into trials in the US – this will involve 9 back-to-back tests on successive generations of fish – a time-consuming and expensive task.  Donation forms are available today from Gene. Another suggestion is to have a special auction item to raise money solely for KHV – perhaps a Peter Enfield slate. A motion was made by Robert Fischbach: The PNKCA shall donate $500 to the KHV fundraising project of the AKCA. S/P. In conjunction with this it was suggested that a set of KHV donation pins be provided; Larry Christensen will frame them for auction at the PNKCA convention..

b. Website: Webmaster Phyllis Anderson wants articles to post, and feels that the current approval process prior to posting articles is too difficult for timely posting to occur. A lengthy discussion ensued. Because the webmaster is not necessarily a koi savvy person, the board wants to continue to review articles to assure valid information is published. A major concern is that bad information could expose the organization to liability. One possibility is that we post a disclaimer, but it isn’t clear if that will absolve us of liability. This issue will be continued to the June meeting. The question of  1. board approval vs webmaster only approval is still open.   Posting club officer information is another idea – should this be the whole listing or just name and e-mail? A map of the region the PNKCA covers with member club locations would be helpful to people who find the site; the AKCA has such a page. How should the vendor page be handled? Originally there was a $25 charge to be listed. Question – should this be 1. removed? 2. changed to vendors who support the convention? Linda suggested removing the page.  The overall purpose for the website is not well defined; reps were asked to take this back to their clubs to determine what sort of information they expect to find there.

c. New Tategoi award plaques were distributed – any club that didn’t send a pin to Norm will have to mount their own.


16. New Business

a. New club application: The North Idaho Koi Keepers submitted an application for membership on December 11, 2006. Their By-Laws have been submitted and approved by the Board.

b. Six grant applications for 2007 for the $150 award were received which is the limit for the year. All will be funded:

1.      Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

2.      Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

3.      Olympic Koi Goldfish and Watergarden Club

4.      Puget Sound Koi Club

5.      Mid-Columbia Koi Club

6.      North Idaho Koi Keepers

c. The regional koi show poster was distributed to all clubs.

d. A By-Law change for grant applications was proposed. The reason for the change is that it is hard to get write-ups in to the board for approval. By making the deadline earlier than the March Rep Meeting, alternate clubs will have an opportunity to submit their write-up and photo before the March Rep Meeting. Without this change, the alternates have little chance of ever receiving the grants. After some time discussing the wording, the following new wording was proposed and M/S/P. Since there wasn’t long enough notice before the March meeting, the vote will occur at the June Rep Meeting. The approved wording is presented below, with the changes in red italics:

Section 2 Monetary Grants for Promotion of the Hobby of Koi Keeping

When the treasury permits, annually, the Association may make up to six grants of $150 to six different member clubs to aid in the promotion of the hobby at events other than koi shows. (Maximum of $600 per year). Clubs in good standing (membership dues paid up) shall receive funds on a rotating basis. Clubs which do not get a grant in the current year will be first on the list to receive next year’s available grants, if reapplication is made in a timely manner. Application for grants in the coming year should be made to the PNKCA Treasurer prior to the Spring Representative Meeting. A grant application form is attached as Appendix 2. Clubs, which receive a grant, are to provide a brief written report with photos of the use of the grant money no later than December 31 of the current year unless an extension is granted. If any report has not been completed or an extension received by that date that club will forfeit the grant. Alternate clubs will be notified and given the opportunity to provide a report prior to the following Spring Representatives Meeting and receive the grant. The PNKCA Treasurer will then issue the grant money to the club upon completion of a report with photos.

e. T-shirt pricing: It was M/S/P to reduce the price for shirts to $6 for the T-shirts and $12 for the polos.  

f. New officers: Gene Anderson will be the new Chair. He will be looking for a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer; if anyone is interested they should contact Gene.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.



Click here to see photos of the 2007 spring reps meeting

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