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Here are some photos of some of the donated items that will be auctioned or raffled at the Convention in September - more photos will be added as details are received - Please support our vendors who support our hobby:

Auction Item (Donated By) – Winning Bidder

Akame Kigoi (Kloubec Koi Farms) - Jim Zeutenhorst

Gift Certificate (Alderwood Landscaping) - Dan Olson

Bamboo Chair (AnaBamboo) - Linda Seifert

Casper Ride (Jim Warren) - Gene Anderson

Dragon Wave Pump (Hoshi Koi) - Spike Cover

Landscaping Tree (Environment West) - Dan Olson

Evolution 1/4 hp Pump (JimsKoi) - Debbie Gillis

Helicopter Ride (Northwest Air Services) - Spike Cover

Hydro Vortex (Russell Water Gardens) - Bob Johnson

Showa (Kodama Koi Farm) - Gil & Jan Gilman

Koi Clubs/KHV Pins Set (Larry Christensen) – Laura and Alex Schauss

Koi Kichi Feeder (John Seifert) - Rinda Lowell

Koi Nations Poster (Koi Nations) - Bob and Mary Johnson

Landscaping Rock (Sunrise Landscape) - Jim Zeutenhorst/Gene Anderson

Metal Sculpture (Allied Welding) - Rinda Lowell

Necklace silent auction (M.R.Design) - Chuck Harmon for Alice

Poster from Convention (PNKCA) - Gil & Jan Gilman

Showa (Quality Koi Company) - Dan Olson

Quilt silent auction (NIKK-Waunita Fischbach) - Laura and Alex Schauss

Gift Certificate (Rock Placing Company) - Dan Olson

Sanke (Isawa Nishikigoi Company) - Larry & Pat Christensen

Showa (Peters & Sons Koi) - Gary Gruver

Showa (Isawa Nishikigoi Company) - Rinda Lowell

Water Feature Rock (Harold Zeutschel Landscaping) - Albert Mason


Rumor has it that a helicopter ride sponsored by Black Rock Development and Northwest Aircraft Services will be on the auction list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunrise Landscaping has donated these two terrific landscaping rocks!


Peters & Sons are donating this great Showa for auction at the convention.  This Koi is in the mud right now and will be coming out of the mud on October 12th. Kari and Russ reserve the right toi substitute another Koi if this one does not turn out or if it does not come out of the mud. It is a 12" female, $600.00 value.


Alderwood Landscaping donated $300 in plants!


Seaplane ride on "Casper"


Ultra Balance Koi Food donated by
Ultra Balance Koi

Donation from Applied Resin Technology

Donation from Aqua Ultraviolet

Donation from Ecological Laboratories

Donation from Oregon Koi

Donation from Pan Intercorp

Donation from Performance Pro Pumps

Donation from Quality Koi




Mr. Sakai has made the unbelievable offer to donate this gorgeous 65cm Japanese Sanke for the PNKCA auction. 


Kodama Koi Farm is adding this wonderful 10" Showa to the auction.  $800 value.

It is currently in 2500 gallon pond with the other selected few quality Koi.

We will include the holding fee until spring upon that the owner signs the agreement of our holding policy.

With the climate of Hawaii we can feed koi aggressively even in the winter.

In February wehave the 2nd National Aloha Koi Show in Hawaii

We can arrange for the entry of this koi for the owner.

The shipping is not included.


Russell Water Gardens has donated a Super Vortex!!


Dragon Series 2.0 HP (Max Flow)

13,992 GPH @ 10.50 ft. Head

77 Lbs.

1689 Watts / 18.6 Amps @ 115 Volts

$ 1,339.00

Hoshi Koi is donating this 2HP Dragon Series Pump Retailing for $1339.


Pump donated by Jims Koi
Richland, WA

Donation from Hikari

Donation from Horizon

Donation from Koi Nations

Donation from Pattigrafix

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