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March 13, 2004

PNKCA Representative Meeting


All clubs were represented with the exception  of  Mid-Columbia Koi Club, Nanaimo and Northern Lights Koi Club.


Meeting called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Chairman Jerry Tyler.



Jerry Tyler introduced himself as Chairman and Linda Montgomery as Vice-Chairman.  He then explained that the previous secretary and treasurer had both resigned and had been temporarily replaced by Phyllis Anderson and Raeleen DeGrandpre.  He complimented the two for stepping up and taking on the job of preparing for this meeting with rather short notice.  Jerry asked for other volunteers for the positions but received none.  It was moved, seconded and approved that Phyllis and Raeleen be elected to the respective positions.


Minutes 3-1-03

Secretary Phyllis Anderson read the minutes of the last rep meeting.  Following discussion, it was moved, seconded and approved to amend the minutes to (1) reflect a decrease and not an increase in the club’s bank account in the last 2 years and (2) reflect a correction of the cost of the 2003 convention video from $10 to the correct $15 cost.  The minutes as amended were approved. 


Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Raeleen DeGrandpre reported on 2003 income and expenses and to-date 2004 income and expenses.  Larry Christensen related to the group that Raeleen is the Northwest club’s treasurer and will do an excellent job for the PNKCA. 


Convention 2003 Wrapup


Chairman Jerry Tyler  reported the final income breakdown of the 2003 convention in Victoria.

The net profit of the convention was $423.00.


New Rep Manuals


Chairman Jerry Tyler thanked Linda Montgomery and Phyllis Anderson for putting together the new representative manuals and explained that the manuals were both time consuming and expensive to produce and asked the representatives to take good care of them and pass them on to new representatives in the future. He then turned over the explanation of how the manuals were organized to Linda Montgomery.


Member Club Reports


Representative of clubs reported on activities of their groups for 2003 and planned events for 2004.  As representatives submit articles about those activities they will be added to the PNKCA website for all to enjoy.


Bronze Koi Award

Larry Christensen  explained that nominations of outstanding club members who have been active for at least 10 years in a PNKCA Koi Club to receive this prestigious award should be forwarded to him. He also reiterated that this is a confidential award and the application form to submit to him is in the new rep manuals and must be submitted by March 31st.

This award will be presented at the convention in Boise in June.



Larry Christensen explained that the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club is a charter member of this Japan organization.  Membership includes a monthly publication with good information for koi hobbyist.  Annual membership fee is usually $85.  Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club is currently subsidizing approximately $20.00 of membership cost and offering membership for $65 to other club members, due by April 1, 2004.  With membership, you can attend ZNA seminars.  Also, membership gives you contact with Japanese members if you go to Japan. ZNA membership form is in rep manual.


Ed Fujimoto Award

Chairman Jerry Tyler explained that each club can nominate an outstanding member by submitting their completed forms to the PNKCA secretary no later than March 31 to allow time for Norman Call to prepare the awards before the June convention in Boise.


PNKCA Promotional Grants


Six clubs have been approved and received their $150.00 grant money  for 2003 (Puget Sound Koi Club, Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society, Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club, Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society, Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club, Olympic Koi Club)


Chairman Jerry Tyler explained that an article and photograph for the website was required before grant money would be released to the clubs; since eight clubs have applied for the six allotted 2004 grants as of today’s deadline, the executive board will develop a criteria to select the clubs who have received the grants the fewest number of times or not at all and will notify the club representatives within a month.


Discussion of time deadlines and selection of grant applications procedures followed


PNKCA 2004 Convention


Sue Boydstun provided more information on the June convention and invited everyone to attend.  There will be many vendors, speakers, Japanese drumming, pond tour, raffles and auction making for a full agenda.  They will make arrangements for a rep meeting during the lunch hour.  PNKCA raffle tickets for the super-raffle will be signed out to the club representatives at the end of this meeting. Vice-Chairman Linda Montgomery explained that since the Super Raffle is a separate raffle that the PNKCA is responsible for (not the club hosting the convention) the PNKCA Executive Board took on the responsibility of obtaining the donations.  The 3 donated items to be raffled: Koi Slate donated by Peter Enfield, Sunami Pump donated by Peaceful Ponds, Turbovortex donated by FluidArt and Peaceful Ponds.




Webmaster Philip Lee was introduced to the group.  Chairman Jerry Tyler explained how the contract was developed to include 15 “elements” per month.  Discussion followed regarding advertisers and articles for the website.  It was moved, seconded and approved to allow $1500. for the 2004 website budget.


Discussion followed on potential income from the website, including advertising.  The Executive Board will provide more information at the June convention meeting in Boise.


A website survey was given to those attending this meeting.  It was requested that surveys be completed and that the surveys be returned to Secretary Phyllis Anderson.  It was asked that the reps talk to their respective clubs about the web site and support it by using it more often.




Speaker Grants


Vice-Chairman Linda Montgomery explained a change in the awarding of $400 AKCA speaker grants and asks on behalf of the PNKCA, that any club that  receives the lottery grant and does not have a use for it to donate it to PNKCA so it can be used for the Annual PNKCA Convention..


Annual PNKCA Koi Award


Chairman Jerry Tyler proposed an annual PNKCA award to be presented at the annual convention.  Discussion followed on the details of the award.  The matter was tabled for a future meeting since time is limited at this meeting.


PNKCA Poster


PNKCA has prepared a poster advertising member club events.  At the request of PNKCA, artist Patti Magee created an example of a PNKCA Poster to advertise both the annual convention and the koi shows of the member clubs for 2004. It was decided that the poster is a good idea and that it should list only koi shows and not other club events. A motion was made, seconded and approved to include club koi shows on this advertising poster.


T-Shirts, Mugs and Totes


Norman Call submitted a couple of designs for T-Shirts and mugs. One of the designs was used for mugs that were personalized and given out to all of the club representatives and past-chairs of the PNKCA in attendance. These mugs were positively received and there was interest and discussion on producing these mugs. Representatives were asked to bring these mugs to their respective clubs to see if there would be interest enough for PNKCA to produce them for sale at the convention for approximately $8.00 each. Two T-Shirts were made as examples for the PNKCA Representatives to discuss. It was decided to look at other designs for consideration before producing any more T-Shirts.  The representatives also suggested checking into making totes instead or in addition to T-Shirts. Linda Montgomery will check on options and prices for totes.


By-Law Changes


Proposed changes to the PNKCA By-Laws were discussed.  A vote was taken by secret ballot.  The secretary compiled the results:



Article V Committees

Section 2 The Annual Convention

Paragraph 5:

The annual convention committee shall ensure that convention business is completed, summarized (a detailed income/expense breakdown with receipts) and presented to the PNKCA Treasurer, with the appropriate transfer of funds, by November 1st following the convention (changed to: no later than three months following the date of the convention.)   If this target date is met, the member club shall not submit Association dues for the next year. If this target date cannot be met, the annual convention committee chairperson shall contact the PNKCA Treasurer directly to arrange a reasonable extension, (addition: subject to Executive Board approval).



Paragraph 6:

In return for the efforts of the convention host club, a check for 25% of the net profits (excluding super raffle and sales table income) will be sent to the host club by the PNKCA Treasurer after all convention money has been received by the PNKCA Treasurer along with a final convention accounting. (addition:  If PNKCA Treasurer does not receive all convention monies and the final convention accounting from the host club within the three month time period following the date of the convention, then the host club will forfeit the 25% profit. If this target date cannot be met, the annual convention committee chairperson shall contact the PNKCA Treasurer directly to arrange a reasonable extension, subject to Executive Board approval.)



Article I  Membership

Section 5  Membership Dues


Active and associate membership dues shall be TWENTY DOLLARS ($20.00)  (proposed change: FORTY DOLLARS ($40.00) of the United States Funds per annum. These dues may be adjusted annually subject to the approval of the annual budget by the Association Representatives. Dues are payable on the second day of January of each succeeding year thereafter.

The secretary will prepare the revised By-Laws for the chairman’s approval.


Cooperative Koi Show Poster


Dan Olson, representing the Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society, made a presentation to the group proposing a joint poster of koi shows.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the PNKCA would endorse such a joint effort.  It was also stipulated that this approval did not necessarily include any monetary commitment by the PNKCA.  It was then discussed about funding from the clubs that have koi shows and mentioned that Dan would put together a proposal and some prices and send them to the PNKCA Executive Board and the PNKCA Club Representatives to bring to their respective clubs.


2005 PNKCA Convention


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club has agreed to host the 2005 PNKCA Convention.  Chairman Jerry Tyler asks other clubs to consider 2006 or 2007.




AKCA Membership


Application for membership has been dropped since there is no merit at this time.




Vice-Chairman Linda Montgomery explained that the liability insurance issue was checked into and that the cost to insure the Executive Board for liability was approximately $1,050 annually. She then asked if any of the representatives felt this was necessary or warranted and it was unanimously agreed to drop the insurance issue.


Expansion of Executive Board


This item will be discussed at the June convention meeting regarding adding News Editor,

Web Coordinator.


Chairman Jerry Tyler adjourned the meeting at 4:00pm.


Respectfully submitted

Phyllis Anderson,

PNKCA Secretary