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Dai-ichi Koi and Japanese Garden Club of B. C. has sponsored pond tours for many years but has only infrequently attempted to reach out to the general public through demonstrations and displays.  Club members felt that a (koi) display at a nursery garden would let local people know about the Club and the availabliity of our expertise and knowledge respecting koi keeping.  We therefore undertook a weekend display at the Elk Lake Nursery on July 17th and 18th, 2004.


Club members set up a 300 gallon tank and stocked it with a number of good quality koi generously supplied by West Coast Koi, our local dealer. The display also featured  posters and pictures of some members ponds  demonstrating various stages of construction. Some pictues showing  a few examples of Japanese gardens were also available.

The two day event was well received by people visiting the nursery.  A surprising number of individuals either had a pond or knew of someone who had one, or were thinking of building one.  Many of those that visited the display were not aware that a local club existed. It was a good opportunity for club members to share their enthusiasm and interest in the hobby.

Club business cards were prepared and handed out to interested people as was the brochure prepared by P.N.K.C.A.


Club members felt that the weekend time was well spent and one useful conclusion was that a venue with a higher public profile would be beneficial and perhaps earlier in the year to catch the spring enthusiasm for gardening and pond construction.


Dai-ichi Koi and Japanese Garden Club wishes to thank the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association for the helpful brouchure and for the assistance in funding our display.