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Click here to participate in the Koi Study Questionnaire - you will answer questions online!

 My name is Chi-Chang (Michael) Liu and I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Oregon State University. The purpose of this letter is to ask your help to participate my research on learning within the Koi hobby.
The topic of my dissertation is Serious Fun: Life-Deep Learning of Koi Hobbyists. The purpose of this study is to understand how hobbyists learn within typical Koi hobby activities and situations, and what may limit or facilitate hobbyists learning. In using Koi hobbyists as my subjects, I hope to understand the motivation, interests and information seeking strategies of Koi hobbyists when engaging with the Koi hobby. I would also like to explore the ways hobbyists develop the knowledge to keep their hobby at a particular standard, to identify which factor(s) will motivate and/or limit pursuing this hobby and to discover the cognitive changes that occur within a hobbyist during their development within the hobby. In this instance I will focus particularly on the learning/development of scientific knowledge about their hobby. The primary result of this survey is, of course, to be a part of my PhD dissertation to fulfill the requirement of Oregon State University. Moreover, this study will also to help with the future development and refinement outreach and education programs such as the one Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan offers through the Aquatic Animal Health Program of Oregon Sea Grant.  
I am in my data collecting phase at this moment and I need a significant number of subjects to complete the questionnaire I have designed (Questionnaire attached). I would like to ask your help to encourage your members to participate this study by allowing me to put a link to the questionnaire on your organization’s website and encouraging your members to participate.
This survey is crucial for my study and I believe the result of this study will also benefit Koi hobbyists and Koi business by providing deeper understanding of how Koi hobbyists learn. I appreciate your help and look forward to attending some of your club meetings and getting to know many of you.
Chi-Chang (Michael) Liu
Ph.D. candidate of Free-Choice Learning
Department of Science and Mathematics Education
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Oregon State University
2030, SE, Marine Science Dr.,

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