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2009 PNKCA Convention Representatives Meeting

Noon—May 30, 2009

5/6. PNKCA Convention 2009 and PNKCA Banquet: Nancy Moore—Because Nancy was very busy running things for the convention, she was moved up on the agenda. Gene took a minute to thank Nancy and her team for all their hard work on the convention. Nancy said that during the Banquet there was going to be a tribute to Ann and Ed Fujimoto; therefore she encouraged everyone to stay for the banquet. She added that the banquet was sold out at 128 spots. She guaranteed good food as she had personally tasted it(!) and added there would be a wonderful no-host bar with a huge assortment of wine. She mentioned the great speaker lineup and that the auction items looked really good and thanked everyone for their clubs’ contributions. Other than the fish donated by Pan Intercorp, there would be no raffles this year. She finished with stating how good it had been to work with the Lynnwood Convention Center.

1. Introduction of Executive Board—Gene Anderson called the meeting to order and introduced the Executive board at 12:20 p.m. In attendance besides Gene was: Vice Chairman Elsie Richardson; Secretary Carmen Stafford; Treasurer Lucy Macneil; and PNKCA Webmaster Phyllis Anderson.

2. Updated Minutes Posted on PNKCA Website—Phyllis said she temporarily pulled the roster and minutes off the PNKCA site until she could make sure it couldn’t be googled. Corrections were made and the items were placed back on the website.

3. Minutes of 2009 Spring Rep Meeting—Pat Christenson had a correction on the minutes that the word "Society" be changed to "Club" on the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club. The group then moved to accept the minutes as written.

4. Treasurer Report—Lucy Macneil reported that the convention income seemed to be doing very well as there was a high level of participation in the raffle koi donated by Pan Intercorp.

7. 2009 PNKCA Promotional Grants—Elsie reminded the clubs chosen to receive the 2009 grants that their articles and pictures needed to be in no later than Dec. 31, 2009. These clubs are:

Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Watergarden Club

Puget Sound Koi Club

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

Siskiyou Koi& Pond Club

Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

8. Future PNKCA Conventions—Gene reported that there was no host yet for the 2010 convention, but that Idaho may possibly agree to do it. The Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club has agreed to host the convention in 2011.

9. Old Business—Elsie said that 30 days prior to this meeting there was supposed to be a ballot vote on an anti discrimination clause for the bylaws—as was discussed at the Spring meeting. That was never done. Our bylaws require the 30-day time period for changes made to the bylaws. Elsie said in order to get insurance for the PNKCA officers and reps, the anti-discrimination clause needs to be in the bylaws. She said a ballot will be sent to all reps before the meeting next spring.

10. New Business—Gene asked for a vote for the new board members for 2009-2011. A vote was taken and a motion passed to accept the new members.

The 2009-2011 board members are:

Elsie Richardson—Chairman

Jerry Hames—Vice Chairman

Treasurer—Lucy Macneil

Secretary—Carmen Stafford.

Larry Christenson closed the meeting by thanking the board members and webmaster for all the work they do for the PNKCA.

The meeting was adjourned at 1 p.m. The attendees for this meeting included:


Gene Anderson

Phyllis Anderson

Elsie Browning

Lucy Macneil

Carmen Stafford

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

Gia Lanigan

Bruce Bullis

Canada Koi Club

Dave Smith

Wendy Smith

Dai-ichi, Nanaimo and Canada Koi Club

Irene Dunic

John Ennals

Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society

Sot Chimonas

Bob Dethman

Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

Diana Lynn Rehn

Frank E. Rehn, Jr.

North Idaho Koi Keepers

Greg Linnebach

Judy Linnebach

Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club

Eileen Thorne

Esther Rehwalt

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

Sally Karo

Pat Christensen

Olympic Koi Goldfish & Watergarden Club

Jerry Hames

Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

David Lugar

Robin Lugar

Puget Sound Koi Club

Joe Lewis

John Hillstrom

Siskiyou Pond Club

Lois Rosmarin

Linda Johnson

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

Karen Miller

Peter McCafferty

Past Officers and Guests

Larry Christensen

John Siefert

Linda Siefert (Guest)

Jerry Tyler

Horizontal Divider 1

PNKCA Representatives Meeting – March 14, 2009

The Oak Room @ La Quinta Inn, Tacoma, WA.

11:00 AM Representatives Assemble


The list of attendees is attached to the end of this report.


1. The meeting was called to order: at 12:35 by PNKCA Chairman Gene Anderson. He introduced board members Vice Chairman Elsie Richardson, Secretary Carmen Stafford and Treasurer Lucy Macneil. Web Master Phyllis Anderson was not present. Gene also introduced the past PNKCA chairmen that were present.


2. Vendor Guest/Visitors: Gene officially introduced John Russell of Russell’s Watergardens & Koi as the guest speaker. John gave a presentation during the luncheon regarding his business. 


3. Minutes of 2008 Convention Representatives meeting: With minor corrections the minutes were approved.


4. PNKCA Treasurer’s Report: Lucy reported on the 2008 Convention Financial Report and the 2009 YTD/Current Financial Report.  Lucy reported that although the 2008 income for the reporting period had an income of $9832.37, the net income realized by the PNKCA was only $85.98 for 2008. The reason for this was higher than usual expenses: for instance, the 2007 Promotional Grants (five)—which totaled $750—were paid in 2008. The six 2008 Promotional grants of $900 were also paid in 2008. Other expenses included Ed Fujimoto awards, Bronze awards, web services, super raffle poster/ticket expenses, miscellaneous convention costs (in 2008, $2000 was advanced to each the NIKK and WK&WGS convention 2008 & 2009 hosting clubs) and rep meeting expenses of $1,050.77.


The account balance as of 2/22/2009 is $18,814.12, made up of $3,517.70 in the checking account and the money market account of $15,296.42. There was quite a lively discussion evolving around the report with a final motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report.


5. Convention 2008 overview and wrap up: Dan Olson of NIKK, reported for Greg Linnebach who was unable to make this meeting. Dan said he believed that everyone had a good time. “We spent a lot but we raised a lot,” reported Dan. He declared the convention successful, saying, “We broke the rules (three days instead of the usual two days) in doing this convention but it still all worked out.”


6. Bronze Koi Award: Larry Christensen reported that nominations needed to be submitted no later than March 31. He said people are nominated by individuals. A five-man panel chooses the winner. The nominees who don’t win have their names held over until the following year for the opportunity to win that year. This is done for one year only.


7. 2009 ZNA Membership Drive: Larry Christensen offered applications to the reps for the annual membership drive for the ZNA Northwest Chapter. He said membership in the ZNA is an upward step in koi keeping as it affiliates you with master koi keepers in Japan. The monthly magazine contains educational articles from the Japanese Koi breeders that enhances a person’s knowledge in koi keeping.


8. Ed Fujimoto Award: Elsie Richardson reminded everyone that March 31 is the deadline to submit nominations for the Ed Fujimoto Award. To be eligible for this award, the nominees must have demonstrated outstanding dedication to their clubs.


9. PNKCA Koi of the Year Award: Standing in for Phyllis Anderson, Gene Anderson encouraged all clubs to submit nominations for this award. He said Phyllis had not received any nominations yet.


10. Club Representative Reports:

Olympic Koi Goldfish and Watergarden Club: Peggy Roney said she just started her position as PNKCA Rep last week.


Canada Koi Club: Dave Smith said the club has had a difficult year with, first Clark Shea’s serious heath problems. Then Jim Elliot’s health problems caused him to have to release his position in the club so he could focus on getting well.  


Nanaimo Fish Pond & Watergarden Assoc.: Lindsay Gibson reported that Nanaimo is strumming right along. Last year’s pond tour was successful. They alternate years with the Canada Club.


Dai-ichi Koi & Japanese Garden Club of British Columbia: John Ennals said new club executives means new blood to volunteer for positions. He said a long cold winter was devastating for fish. Also the club’s new president, Irene Dunic is the first and only Canadian to obtain KHA certification. They are planning a pond tour this summer.


Puget Sound Koi Club: Joe Lewis said the club was performing its normal outreach program with a booth at the Pullaup Fair. The club will hold its 12th Annual Young Koi Show at Hoshi Koi in Tacoma on Aug. 1-2. In early January the club assisted Hoshi Koi when flood waters nearly devastated the business. He thanks all who helped to assist Hoshi Koi. He noted the February passing of Larry Smith. Joe said Larry was a great recruiter for the clubs for the last several years. He asked that we keep Larry’s wife, Marlene, in our thoughts and prayers. Club president John Hillstrom added that the Spring Fair Garden Show in Pullaup is April 16-19, and he had tickets to give away to anyone who asked for them. He added that Hoshi Koi would also be there.


Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society: Diana Lynn Rehn said their club had a wonderful show last year at Liberty Lake and want to repeat it this year at the same location on Aug. 29-30. They will participate in Japan Week at Riverfront Park to promote Spokane’s Japanese Gardens that lost all of its koi to KHV. Kodama offered 100 koi to restart the pond, which the club gladly accepted. They are planning a pond tour and garage sale. They will also participate in the Garden Expo on May 7-9. 


Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society: Dave Lugar said new officers are now in place and they are planning to hold information/educational meetings. The club is holding it 9th Annual Koi Show June 13-14. They have had a lot of interest from individuals and businesses who want to participate in this. They have had six new members join the club.


Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club: Eileen Thorne said the club has a lot of members, but not a lot of members who are active. After Ron and Gloria Boedeker resigned their posts, the club decided to combine its Business and Recreational meetings into one event. The club is planning a pond tour on Sept. 12.


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club: Gia Lanigan said the club will participate in the Portland Home & Garden Show. They are also assisting with Portland’s Chinese/Japanese Gardens. She said this last winter all but eight of the 56 fish in the Japanese pond died. In the Chinese Garden all the fish died from the pond freezing over. Their membership increased by four families. Their newsletter goes out electronically to all but 17 of their members.


Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club: Pat Christensen reported that the club remains very active all year round. They are continuing to plan for the club’s 29th Annual Koi & Goldfish Show at the Forestry Center in Portland July 25-26. In May, they will be involved with the Children’s Day Celebration in Portland. They are discussing having the club’s first pond tour that would be open to the public. In the past it’s been a members-only event due to concern about theft. She said the KHAs from Northwest and Cascade Clubs will be working together to clean up Portland’s Chinese and Japanese ponds. They perform maintenance on the ponds each year.


Washington Koi & Water Garden Society: Nancy Moore said they are finishing up the last minute details for the convention. Peter McCafferty added that the club will be holding its 18th Annual Koi & Watergarden Show in Belleview Sept. 12-13.


Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club: Lois Rosmarin said the club has just completed its second year and continues to grow. She noted there are lots of members but only a small part of the membership is active. In their April meeting Tracy will be talking about Koi Classifications. They will have a booth at the Fair in May. Also in May the club will hold its annual barbecue. The club will provide the meat and the members supply everything else. Pat and Larry Christensen will be speakers at this meeting. In June the meeting will be held at the Senior Center. On June 27 the club will hold a yard sale and Sept. 12 is the first ever pond tour.


Idaho Watergarden & Koi Society: Lonnie Tuckness said the club held its kickoff banquet two weeks ago. Dick Benbow was the guest speaker and 44 members attended. The Home & Garden Show will be in two weeks. The third Sunday in June will be the plant sale. On July 18-19 is the pond tour.


North Idaho Koi Keepers: Dan Olson talked about the workshops they conduct and keeping the club business matters to emails. The workshops have included out-of-town guest speakers and members presenting koi and koi pond-related topics. Some of the planned workshops include guest speakers like Mat McCann of Quality Koi talking about the use of air-lift for filtration, workshop on solar power & heating, a field trip, and other workshop topics as we meet each month throughout the year.


11. PNKCA Promotional Koi Grants 2008

          North Idaho Koi Keepers *

          Oregon Koi & Water Garden Society - Paid

          Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society - Paid

          Suskiyou Koi & Pond Club - Paid

          Mid Columbia Koi Club- Paid

          Washington Koi & Water Garden Society – Paid

          Alternates were;

1.     Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Water Garden Club – Paid

2.     Northwest Koi & Goldfish Society

       Puget Sound Koi Club

       Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

*North Idaho relinquish 2008 Grant to 1st alternate, OKG&WGC.


12. PNKCA Convention 2009: (25th – Silver Anniversary), hosted by Washington Koi & Watergarden Society: Nancy Moore said many are already registered and the convention promises to be very exciting. She said the Lynnwood location is a wonderful site for the convention. There will be a reception Friday night from 5-8 p.m. at the Marriott’s. They are limited to 12 vendors due to space. Some of the vendors include Kodama, Tim Zimmer, Russell Watergardens, Michael Cox (Koi Nations), Bonsai NW, Genesis Koi & Gifts, and PattiGraphfixs, just to name a few.  Pan Intercorp is donating a tategoi for a raffle drawing, plus a barbecue will be held at the facility after the pond tour. A tribute will be given to Ed Fujimoto. Peter Enfield donated a slate for the auction. Nancy asked every club to donate two items for the general auction and raffles.


13. PNKCA Super Raffle 2009: Gene Anderson thanked the Super Raffle Supporters, Russell Watergardens, Mystic Koi/Evolution Aqua and Microbe-Lift/ Ecological Laboratories for their generous support and asked that representatives take 100 tickets back to their clubs for presales.


14. 2009 Events: Gene brought to attention the poster detailing the 2009 Convention & Koi Shows.


15. Future PNKCA Conventions: The Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club has said it will host the 2011 convention.  Gene encouraged other clubs to consider signing up for the 2010 Convention, adding that the event could be downsized, and still be a good event. He added that with the current economy the way it is, we need to consider downsizing, but hoped clubs would step up and participate.


16. Old Business: Liabilities and Insurance: (Elsie Richardson, Committee Chairman, Joe Lewis, Nancy Moore, Ron Boedeker.) Elsie Richardson reported that although this topic has been batted around since 1998, nothing has been finalized yet. Nancy Moore had several conversations with AKCA. They will not cover PNKCA activities, period. When Ron Boedeker was investigating this topic, insurance companies would allow a club to opt in, or not. Now the policies have changed and in order for PNKCA to have insurance for some of its clubs, it must cover ALL of the clubs. Opting out is not allowed, anymore. It was noted that all clubs have different needs. Bigger clubs have Liability Insurance because they tend to have more equipment. Smaller clubs may not have enough funds to carry insurance. Elsie said for future conventions, PNKCA could purchase an Event Policy—which would be considered part of the cost of running a convention. Examples of the cost of such a policy came from John Hillstrom who said his club paid $88 for a four-day, $!M policy. Nancy Moore said her club has an Equipment Policy for $325 per year. At this point, Dianna Lynn Rehn said she was going to review her policy because they were paying $620 per year for their Equipment Policy, and perhaps she was paying too much. PNKCA can get Directors Insurance--$2M for $831 a year, or $!M for $635 per year.


Elsie noted that before an insurance company would grant us a policy, we had to have in our bylaws, an anti-discrimination policy. Elsie recommended a clause be drafted and voted on during the Reps Luncheon in May. Larry Christensen noted that knowing how important this is, and because the discussion has been going on for 10 years, he would like for this to be closed on. Elsie agreed saying the topic has always been tabled for the “next” meeting. Gene said he believed we all agreed that there needed to be insurance for the Officers and Reps. and doing this would allow the PNKCA to give the (convention) hosting club a certificate of insurance. John Hillstrom motioned that we obtain insurance for the Officers and Reps. the motion was passed with a majority approved.


Gene said the AKCA also dropped the Canadian clubs from their insurance and wondered if PNKCA could cover them. John Ennals said for their purposes in Canada, they are not having shows and if they feel the need they will get an event insurance policy. Elsie said we needed to address the anti-discrimination policy within 21 days or the insurers will not consider our policy. Gene passed out the PNKCA bylaws. He said the non-discrimination policy must be distributed 30 days prior to the convention where it will be voted on (by secret ballot).


17. New Business

          A. 2009 Events & NW Koi Shows for PNKCA Clubs: The poster describing this year’s events was discussed briefly.


B. Yakima Valley Koi & Water Garden Club: Al Fearon told Gene Anderson that it seems the Yakima Club is not interested in participating in the PNKCA or its events. A motion was made to remove the Yakima club from the roster. The motion was moved and seconded.


          C. PNKCA 2009 Promotional Grant Applications: Gene said granting six $150 grants was proving to be too expensive for the PNKCA. There was discussion about reducing the number of grants awarded, but keeping the amount at $150. The reason for this was the bylaws stated “up to six grants.” Meaning there could be fewer than 6 grants awarded. Gene suggested that we go ahead and honor the six grant requests this year. Then next year award grants based on what kind of year we have, financially.


There was some discussion to base grants to clubs willing to step up to host a convention, but that discussion didn’t go far. Sally Karo stated that if we need more money we should look at a huge pond tour or increase our dues, that it was silly to have insurance when we couldn’t have grants. Gene said that since grants have been awarded (1995) that four clubs have received 7 grants and six have gotten 1 or 2 grants, meaning the same clubs are getting the grants each year. Elsie noted that many clubs cannot take on a convention but still contribute in other ways, such as selling super raffle tickets. Linda Montgomery stated the grants are educating different groups of people each time, so the fact that several of the same clubs are receiving the grants shouldn’t be an issue. She felt there was plenty of money in the bank and the Association, in her opinion, was not in trouble.


The clubs approved for grants this year include:

Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Watergarden Club

Puget Sound Koi Club

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club

Oregon Koi &Watergarden Society

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

There were only six clubs that requested grants for 2009 and we granted all six requests, so there were no alternates.


D. Web site: The group voted to have the PNKCA’s financial information on the website in the password protected “Members Only” section, along with the Roster. The Grant Awards will be posted on the website for public viewing. 


E. PNKCA Tategoi Award: In 2007 the PNKCA paid $400-plus to have these plaques produced. It had been proposed to replace these with paper certificates. In the discussion that followed it was decided that paper certificates would not be timely as they would have to be produced at the time of the show. 

John Siefert (who was not present at the Reps Meeting) had proposed a paper certificate be used in place of the Traveling Plaques because these awards had a way of disappearing when non-members won them. This could be done for about $120 a year, and clubs could issue these on their own. It was decided that the Traveling Plaques were the responsibility of the individual clubs. Elsie motioned that the clubs stay with the traveling Plaques. That motion was passed.


The meeting was closed at 4:45 p.m.


Attendees for this meeting included:


Gene Anderson, Chair

Elsie Richardson, PNKCA Vice Chair

Lucy Macneil, PNKCA Treasurer

Carmen Stafford, PNKCA Secretary


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club      

Georgia Lanigan



Lindsay Gibson

John Ennals


Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

Don Morgan

Dianna Lynn Rehn


Idaho Watergarden & Koi Society

Lonnie & Dalana Tuckness


Mid Columbia Koi & Pond Club

Eileen Davis-Thorne


North Idaho Koi Keepers

Dan & Sharon Olson


Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

Pat Christensen

Sally Karo


Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Watergarden Club

Peggy Roney


Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

David & Robin Lugar


Puget Sound Koi Club

Joe Lewis

John & Cindy Hillstrom


Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club

Lois Rosmarin


Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

Nancy Moore

Peter MccCafferty 

Karen Miller


Past Chairs

Linda Montgomery

Lindsay Gibson

Larry Christensen