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PNKCA Convention Representatives Meeting Minutes

7:30 a.m., Sept. 13, 2008

Red Lion Templins Hotel on the River


1. Introduction of Executive Board

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by PNKCA Chairman Gene Anderson. The officers were introduced by Gene.  Besides Gene, the officers were: Vice Chairman Elsie Richardson; Secretary Carmen Stafford; and Treasurer Lucy Macneil. Phyllis Anderson attended as the PNKCA Webmaster


2. Updated Roster Posted on PNKCA Website

Phyllis noted that instead of keeping paper copies that quickly become outdated, the Roster will be posted and maintained on the PNKCA website. To protect privacy, the roster will be on a members-only page that’s accessed with a password. Phyllis said if people preferred, she would e-mail them a copy.


3. Minutes of 2008 Spring Rep Meeting

Since we had a very limited time for the meeting before the speakers’ sessions, and because the final minutes were e-mailed to all the representatives prior to the convention, the meeting minutes were not read by Carmen Stafford. Robin Lugar of the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society corrected the minutes regarding spelling. The minutes were then approved and seconded, and passed by the group. 


4. PNKCA Treasurer Report

Lucy Macneil explained the budget and a breakdown of expenses. Currently in a CD account is $1746.19, Checking and $9085.17, Savings.


5. PNKCA Convention 2008

Gene introduced Dan Olson and Greg Linnebach and, on behalf of the group, thanked them for the outstanding job they’ve done in organizing probably the most ambitious convention PNKCA has ever had in regards to the speaker and vendor lineup and length of the convention. Greg noted that 1,200 raffle tickets had already been sold, which showed outstanding support from the clubs’ members.


6. PNKCA Convention May 29-31, 2009

Lucy Mcneil reported that the 2009 convention planning was going very well. This event marks PNKCA’s 25-Year Anniversary, and the theme is Koi—Our Magnificent Obsession. The convention will be hosted by the Washington Koi & Watergarden Society and held in Lynnwood, WA, at the Lynnwood Convention Center. She said a social will be held on Friday night with plenty of activities the next day. No announcements were made yet on the speakers as plans are still being firmed up. After the Sunday Pond Tour, a barbecue, hosted by Joel Burkhard, will be held at Pan Intercorp.  During the weekend, a special tribute will be given to Ed Fugimoto.


7. PNKCA Banquet 2008

Because the Saturday night banquet was being held offsite, Greg Linnebach gave a brief presentation on the time and location to board the buses for the dinner cruise. He stated that 165 seats were sold for the dinner cruise—an outstanding attendance. He also said because there was a total of 110 seats on the two buses, that some people would have to drive there in their own vehicles. He gave directions on the best places to park for personal vehicles. 


8. PNKCA Promotional Grants

These were awarded to:

North Idaho Koi Keepers

Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society – Received and paid

Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club – Received and Paid

Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society



Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Water Gardening Club – First alternate

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club – Second alternate


9. Future PNKCA Conventions

      2010 (No Host)

      2011 (No Host)

Gene said unfortunately no clubs have offered to host the 2010/2011 conventions. He said in the past, including the one today, that every club has offered certain talents and uniqueness to every convention since the beginning. “The event started out as a barbecue. There’s no reason why we can’t do that again,” he said. Gene added that “now was the time to get with the Board and get involved with one of the upcoming conventions.” 


10. Old Business

        (1) Insurance Liability Steering Committee is comprised of:

        Elsie Richardson – Chair

        Joe Lewis

        Nancy Moore

        Ron Boedeker

        Ron’s role in researching the issue of insurance led to this committee forming last spring.


        11. New Business

        (1) Liability Insurance

 Gene opened up the discussion on liability insurance that began in the Spring Meeting. He asked the participants what they wanted to accomplish.

         Diane Chaudiere said she would like to see a concrete plan on the group goal set.

         Lucy Macneil said we needed to look at the needs of the PNKCA itself and at the number of options available. She said it was important that people know what the coverage is and that we have a clear understanding of what PNKCA’s needs are first.

         Larry Smith said AKCA will not cover PNKCA and with cost breakdown, the coverage will not be cheap.

         Don King said his club is working towards liability and directors/officers insurance in a couple of years. He said they didn’t mean to exclude other clubs and if coverage for all clubs became available they would allow their insurance to expire and join the others.

         Pete Garner worried that the smaller clubs would suffer from the costs and wondered how to maintain a balance of costs. He said the high cost may cause people to say, “I don’t need this club.”

         Ron Boedeker said since last March, there have been lots of changes in insurance policies. He said it used to be that one or more PNKCA clubs could opt in with each other. But now the insurance clubs are demanding that all the clubs under PNKCA join in together as a group policy. This is the only option now.  Ron said it “just boils down to money.” He proposed staggering the cost. That PNKCA would assume most of the cost the first year, with the clubs assuming more cost in the following years. “In order to go forward, we will all have to go together,” said Ron. When Gene mentioned that some clubs had property, Ron said it could all be accounted for under the insurance.

In closing the meeting, Gene said insurance is a necessity in this day and age, but the group didn’t have enough information to go forward now. He asked that the Insurance Liability Steering Committee continue to explore these issues and to come up with a plan for getting insurance. The meeting was adjourned at 9 a.m.

List of Club Reps who attended:

Gene Anderson
Elsie Richardson
Lucy Macneil
Carmen Stafford
Phyllis Anderson

Canada Koi Club

Dave and Wendy Smith


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

Pete and Dixie Garner  


Dai-ichi Koi & Japanese Garden Club of British Columbia

Nanaimo Fish Pond & WG Assoc

John and Lindsey Gibson


Idaho Watergarden & Koi Society

Chester Hoen

Sue Boydstun


Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

Don Morgan

Diana Lynn Rehn


Mid Columbia Koi & Pond Club

Eileen Thorne

Ron Boedeker


North Idaho Koi Keepers

Dan Olson

Greg Linnebach


Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

Don and Joan King


Olympic Koi Goldfish and Watergarden Club



Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

Dave and Robin Lugar


Puget Sound Koi Club

Joe Lewis
Larry Smith


Siskiyou Koi & Pond

Lois Rosmarin

Cara McEnany 


Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

Diane M. Chaudiere

Ann Potter


Yakima Valley Koi & WG Club




Past Chairman Jerry Tyler
Past Chairman Larry Christensen
Past Chairman John Seifert


Horizontal Divider 18

PNKCA Representatives Meeting Minutes– March 15, 2008

The Oak Room at La Quinta Inn, Tacoma

11:00 AM Representative’s Assemble

The list of attendees is attached to the end of this report

The meeting was called to order at 12:45 by PNKCA Chairman Gene Anderson.

1. The officers were introduced by Gene.  Besides Gene, the officers were Vice Chairman: Elsie Richardson; Secretary: Carmen Stafford; and Treasurer: Lucy Macneil. Phyllis Anderson attended as the PNKCA Webmaster


2. Representatives Manual Update: Gene said the Constitution of the PNKCA update (the Grant by Law Amendment) was brought up and voted on in last June’s representatives meeting at the 2007 convention. The updated version is on the web site and can be downloaded from the web site to update the Representatives Manuals to keep them current.

3. To speed things up, Saturday’s attendees were asked to read the Minutes of 2007 Convention Rep Meeting before coming to the meeting. This was done, thus the meeting minutes were not read by Carmen Stafford. Joe Lewis moved that they be approved as written, Phyllis Anderson seconded it and the minutes were passed by the group as submitted.


4. PNKCA Treasurer Report

     Lucy Macneil explained the budget and a breakdown of expenses. Discussion covered 2007 convention in Vancouver, BC, and the difficulty experienced handling the currency across the border. It was recommended that the next Canadian convention to let Canada handle ALL the money and for PNKCA to take care of the final product. John Siefert noted that the final profits should have been $575.98 more because PNKCA should have paid for the representative’s lunch at the convention. After some discussion Lucy figured out the right amount. A motion was made by Phyllis to reimburse the proper amount back to Canada; it was seconded by Nancy Moore. In the end, the final profit was $1838.25 and Canada was reimbursed $143.99 more, for a total of $459.56 Canadian funds.  Lucy received approval by the group to keep the books in Excel instead of Quickbook, which it is currently recorded in 


5. Convention 2007 wrap-up

    Randy Dahlgren, Lindsay Gibson and John Ennals were unable to attend the meeting, so in their absence Gene read an e-mail from Randy and John giving their synopsis of the 2007 PNKCA Convention. Some of the problems Randy mentioned were the difficulty of attracting enough people, and auction items going for too little, specifically he mentioned a large koi that auctioned off for a fraction of what it was worth, which upset the vendor. A complete copy of the message Gene read is at the end of this report.  Some discussion followed on ways to improve income for auction and raffle items. Some said there were too many items, thus diluting the amounts people were willing to spend. For many, the cost of attending the convention prevents spending a lot of money on anything else. Some suggestions included Silent Auctions. Pros and cons of that and other suggestions were made.


12. PNKCA Convention 2008

     Because Greg Linnebach and Dan Olson had to catch a plane, this agenda item was moved up. Dan gave a discussion of how NIKK got involved in the 2008 convention (basically, Thanks to Greg!) He said the convention book would have 48 pages and have a life after the convention because it would be used as a resource for hobbyist and businesses. They started out with Toshio Sakai as the keynote speaker, and from there had a “landslide” of highly regarded koi people asking to be involved. To include everyone the speakers will start on Friday afternoon and continue until late Saturday with more than one speaker talking at a timer. Greg added that there would only be two wet vendors—Russ Peters of California with Japanese koi, and Kloubec Farms out of Iowa for domestic koi. They said Koi Nation’s magazine is donating ad space for the three issues prior to the convention.


6. Club Representatives Reports

 The three Canadian Clubs and the Yakima Club and the new Siskiyou Club did not have representatives at this meeting.

MCKPC—Eileen Thorne said the club had an information booth at the Tri-Cities Home Show in February. They will have a “Get your Pond Ready for spring” seminar on March 22 that is open to the public. Their annual pond tour will be Sept. 6.

CKGC—Pete Gardner said they just finished the Spring Home and Garden show at the Expo Center. It was a 5-day event to promote the hobby. They gained 9 new members from that show.

WKWGS—Nancy Moore said there would be a pond tour in May, Koi show Sept. 6-7, planning a wet lab in the fall with Tim Miller-Morgan plus other outreach events. They are also plugging along on the 2009 PNKCA Convention plans.

PSKC—Joe Lewis completed an outreach event at a Spring Fair. They will have their 10th Annual Koi Show on Aug. 2-3 koi show at Hoshi Koi. They have three new members this year.

NWKGC—Don King said their Fall Pond Tour was successful, but not sure if they will have one this year. Their big event is the July 26-27 show at the Forestry Center. They are still putting together vendors, usually have about 20. There will be 40 show tanks each for koi and goldfish. Judging will be Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and the auction on Sunday.

OKGWC—Jerry Hames said they will have two events: a seminar on building a Watergarden; and the August pond tour.

IEWGKS—Dianna Rehn said they will have four events: a class on the history of koi in Japan; a plant sale booth at the Garden Expo; a koi show in August; and if they have time, a pond tour on July 20.

IWKS—Bill White said this year’s events include an event at BSU; a plant sale on June 7; a 2-day pond tour (4 hours on Saturday and Sunday); and the 15th Annual Koi Show on Aug. 9. Bill said last year they had Japanese Drum Corp perform and the event resulted in 39 new families joining (a total of 120 families, now). 

OKWG—Dave Luger said the 8th Annual Koi Show will be June 14-15. Norm Call will design a logo for the club’s 10th anniversary. Last year they had a Showa Grow-Out Contest. This year they will have a Shiro Utsuri grow out contest. There will be a pond tour on Aug. 16. They have made a new website. Bill Harper is in charge of that. They will also have their annual Toys-For-Tots banquet.  

Siskiyou—Elsie reported for this club. She said the club formed one year ago in March with 5 families. They now have 46 families in the club.

NIKK—Greg said the club is hosting a day-long seminar April 12 with speakers Dick Benbow and Spike Cover. The topic will be water, and the afternoon session will be open forum with questions answered.


7-10 Representatives were given nomination information and deadline dates for the Bronze Koi Award, Ed Fujimoto Awards and the PNKCA Koi of the Year Award (nomination deadline March 31). Membership benefits for the ZNA were also explained. Representatives were encouraged to have their members submit and vote on their club’s best fish and submit that photo to Phyllis for the PNKCA Koi of the Year Award. Deadline is May 15 for the September Convention.


11/13. Grants/Super Raffle—Gene noted that all the 2007 Koi Promotional Grants had been paid, and discussed briefly the Super Raffle items for 2008.


14. Nancy Moore (Washington Water Garden & Koi Society) said things are moving right along for the 2009 Silver Anniversary PNKCA Convention. The committee is planning their next meetings May 29-31. She expressed concern with the 2008 and 2009 conventions being so close. Other reps felt it would be fine and didn’t believe the timing would affect success of the 2009 convention.

      2010 (No Host)

      2011 (No Host)


15. Old Business

(1) Web Site: The review committee of John Ennals, John Seifert and Phyllis Anderson. This was carried over last year at the Rep meeting at the Vancouver convention.       

Web Site Policy/Web Master Job Description was reviewed and approved by the board. Larry Christensen discussed policy and procedures guide book. Gene read the policy and disclaimer. Bill White motioned approval it was seconded by Elsie and passed by all. Larry Christensen said the Policies and Procedures should go on the PNKCA Website. Phyllis interjected that the Club Roster should also be on the website under a Members Only Page. Passwords would be assigned and periodically changed. Larry proposed we approve and it was seconded by Lucy Mcneill and passed by all. 


16. New Business

 (1-2) The Executive Board reviewed and recommended approval of Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club’s application papers. Because no one had been able to contact any members from the Northern Lights Koi club, and no yearly membership had been paid a vote was taken to remove the club from the Association. Larry Christensen proposed the removal and it was seconded by Nancy, and approved by all.

(3) PNKCA Web Site—Officer/Rep Listings (Moved to under old business)

(4)   PNKCA Promotional Grant Applications 2008—a committee comprised of Larry and Pat Christensen and John Seifert went over the applications for the Promotional Grants. The following was their recommendations:


         North Idaho Koi Keepers

         Oregon Koi & Water Garden Society

         Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

         Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club

         Mid Columbia Koi Club

         Washington Koi & Water Garden Society


         Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Water Gardening Club—First alternate

         Northwest Koi & Goldfish Society—Second alternate

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club and the Puget Sound Koi Club each had more grants than the other clubs and they had received grants last year so they were not selected this time. Although the Yakima Valley Koi & Water Garden Club said an application would be submitted by March 15, one never materialized, so they could not be considered.

(5)New 2008 Events & Koi Show Poster for PNKCA Clubs—a white version of this poster is on the PNKCA web page.


(6) Liabilities & Insurance Options – Ron Boedeker, Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club presented his findings on what the clubs’ insurances really cover. There was much discussion and interest in the topic, so much so that Gene suggested and got consensus from the board to create a Steering Committee to look at insurance coverage. Elsie motioned to approve, Phyllis seconded and it was passed by the group. The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.




Don Morgan

Diana Lynn Rehn

John Seifert – Past PNKCA Chairman


Greg Linnebach

Dick Benbow

Dan Olson


                Dixie and Pete Garner


                Ron Boedeker

                Eileen Thorne


                Robin and Dave Lugar


                Joe Lewis

Larry Smith



                Bill White

                Sot Chimonas





                Don King 

                Joan King

Larry, Past PNKCA Chairman

& Pat Christensen



                Nancy Moore

                Diane Chardiere


                Jerry Hames



                Gene Anderson—Chairman

                Elsie Richardson—Vice Chairman

                Lucy  Macneil—Treasurer  

            Carmen Stafford—Secretary