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August  2 & 3, 2008 -  PSKC  11th Annual Young Koi Show

Hoshi Koi, 5002 44th St. E., Tacoma, WA   website:

Contact Phil Ricigliano 360-895-6009

Click here for tank reservation form


Sizes Categories: under 8”, 8 -10”, 10 - 12”, 12 - 15” 15 – 18”.

 Kohaku (koh-ha-koo) - Two color Red and white koi

Sanke (sahn - kay) - Three color white, red and black

Showa (show - ah) - Three color Black, red and white

Utsuri (Uhute - sur - ee) - Two color Black with white, red, or yellow

Bekko (Bek - Oh) - Two color black patches with white, red, or yellow  This year Bekko will be put in either utsuri or other class

Tancho (Tahn - cho) - Red circle on head with no other red markings

Kin gin rin -  A glittering or diamond scale

Hikarimoyo/muji (Hi- kar- ee- moyo) - Metallic koi, patterened

(Examples include: Kujaku, Hariwake, Kikusui, Kin showa or Utsuri)

Hikarimuji (Hi- kar- ee- mujee) solid color like platinum

Kawarimono (Kah - where - ee - mono) - All fish not classified in another category.  This class may include many Japanese classifications.  Example include: Kumonryu, Goromo, Goshiki, Chagoi, ect. 

Long Fin -  All colors, all sizes.  This is one prize given for the best one.  Long fin have fins that are longer than an average koi.

NOTE: All keepers are responsible to make sure there koi are properly classified.  Help will be available at the show.

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